Spending Some Quality Time with my Tween

We took advantage of the long weekend because of Chinese New Year Celebration (Feb. 16 2018 was declared as a holiday here in PH) for a quick bonding with the young lady of the house, Thea.  It was a simple yet meaningful bonding moment for us.

Before Papa left for Baguio City on early morning last Friday, he told me to take Thea out. I said yes, I will. This is the plan! We will both get a trim at the nearby salon and then  take her to the bookstore to get some art supplies she's been asking since first week of January.  

When I told Thea about it, she immediately took a bath and dressed up. So, we left the house at ten in the morning.

First stop - Victor Ortega Salon, Kalentong, Mandaluyong Branch.

BEFORE: at the waiting area

AFTER: in front of Victor Ortega Salon and Spa

Please excuse my "siopao" face hahaha. Thea is becoming my carbon-copy as she grows older, isn't it? A more charming version of me perhaps. 

After that, we went to Samya Bookstore and School Supplies inside the Marketplace Mall just on the other side of the street. 

Thea showing some of her bookstore purchases :)

I also got her a new pair of slippers. 

I am glad that she enjoyed our short trip, few steps away from home hehehe

Divisoria and Taytay (Rizal) shopping are next stops in our list. We are also looking forward for more family getaways this coming summer break. Yohan will be coming home and will be staying with us for good. Ugh, I really miss my funny and sweet baby boy. 

CIAO! Happy Monday everyone! 

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