Vacation is Almost Over

Vacation is almost over for students here in the Philippines.  In fact, classes in all public schools already resumed last Monday, June 4.  On the other hand, my children will be going back to school on June 18. We still have few more days to relax and prepare for the upcoming school opening. Before writing this post, I've already listed the school supplies we are going to purchase this weekend.  We will also pick up their books and uniforms on Saturday. 

BTW, Sorry if I haven't updated this blog for two months.  I encountered family issues in the past couple of months, thus lost the energy to even compose a simple article.  I got busy on my job as well.  I am happy to share that I'm doing okay now- family and career-wise.

Meanwhile, allow me to share snapshots  of what happened since April.

My Unica Hija Thea graduated in elementary last April 4, 2018.

Thea turned 12 last April 25. 

Moi, amazingly happy at 41. 

That's all for now, more updates to come. :)

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