How To Buy Tools To Tune Your Piano

Tuning a piano can be one of the hardest things for a pianist to do. It can also be very expensive as the job is supposed to be done approximately once a year. However, if you follow these tips to buying piano-tuning tools, you may be able to do most, if not all of the job, yourself. Here is what to do and what you will need! 

  1. Get online and seek out specialty shops. If you do not of any offhand, you can always look at the infamous "big box" retailer websites but there may need to be extra research involved to ensure you are ordering a quality tool and not an inferior one.
  2. You will need to buy a piano-tuning lever. They may also be referred to as a key or a hammer. As with most specialty items, the price of the item greatly signifies the quality of the item. This is not a time to be a bargain shopping. Make sure to shop within the range of your budget but also make sure you are not "cheaping out" either. A good quality beginner tool will probably set you back about $50. 
  3. Instead of a chromatic tuner, which requires a great amount of skill to truly use to its potential, try instead to use software that can tune the piano for you. While the software itself may be expensive to purchase outright, many of them include a free trial that can be utilized, even if in a limited capacity. All you will need to do this is the software and an external microphone. Experts do not recommend using the microphone that comes with your computer.
 As you can see, tuning a piano can be easy. Or you can always hire a company for more professional piano tuning boston.

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