Home Improvement Project 2019

The kids are growing and we need a bigger space, plus they need to trained be on being independent and responsible. To achieve that, we need to renovate and remodel our humble abode. This project has been in my little family's list of goals for the past couple of years.  We are truly grateful because this year,  we are able to tick off this item in our long list of short, medium and long terms plans.  

We decided to ask the help of my older brother (and my nephew as his assistant) in improving the  vacant/unfinished portion of our house and turn it into an additional bedroom.  

our temporary bed is a Uratex sofa bed). 
We are planning to have a customized platform bed later on. 

built-in wardrobe closet (which is still empty until now,
 the Mama in me need to buy plenty of time to organize our stuff he he)

Right now, my husband and I occupy this room while Thea and Yohan sleep our former master's bedroom. Sometimes, when Yohan makes lambing, he sleeps in our room.  Later on, he will be transferring to another room which we formerly occupied. 

Outside our room is our small laundry area, which is intentionally not to show your the pictures yet because it's still a mess hahaha. I'll have a separate blog post for that! 

Our next project will involve kitchen, toilet/bath, Thea's room, and entryways. For now, I will continuously encourage my troop to organize things around the house.   

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